Sunday, November 20 from 1 pm to 3pm at the Emile A Gruppe Gallery the following demo is offered by the Northern Exposure Photographers

Pixel to Print (and more)” : The digital workflow for your images Most people take tons of photos with their smartphones but hardly ever do anything with them besides the occasional sharing on social media. After only a few days, images get forgotten and are lost in the depth of the phone’s memory banks and are hardly ever looked at again. Even if you use a digital camera and copy the images onto your computer, poor image management often has the same result. On top, once the computer or phone gets lost, stolen or simply breaks down for any reason, many people without backup loose all their treasured memories!

A better way to manage your photos is to use a proper (PC- or Mac-based) “digital workflow”, as outlined and demonstrated here :

Northren Exposure

We are a bunch of photography enthusiasts that share their love of the hobby and expertise in the group. Ideas for a photography group formed in the Milton Artists Guild in late 2017 and we had our first meeting in January of 2018 as "Milton Artists Guild Photographers”. In January of 2022 we rebranded ourselves as "Northern Exposure Photography Group". Our members are mostly Chittenden and Franklin County, Vermont, residents, but we are open to everyone who wants to join. We have a variety of experts in different genres such as: